Isaac SDK next release

Is there any timeline for next Isaac SDK release?

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We support Isaac SDK 2021.1 here on the forums while we continue to work on the Isaac SDK release roadmap.

Hemals - Sorry to push on this but really there needs to be more transparency regarding the Isaac SDK release roadmap, given the length of time between updates it doesn’t look good ATM.

What is the likely ETA for Orin/Jetpack5 support within Isaac SDK - is this actively being worked on?

An Isaac ROS update/release roadmap has been surfaced - why nothing similar for when we can expect Isaac SDK to be updated?

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This post on the omniverse forums appears to confirm that Isaac SDK has been deprecated.

[Missing Isaac SIM warehouse scene file and related Isaac SDK documentation]

I assume that this is not an official announcement, so it would be helpful if we could get an official confirmation of this now.

Isaac Sim bridge for Isaac SDK is deprecated. We will announce Isaac SDK roadmap and release dates as soon as we can.