Isaac SDK with Omniverse Kit in free trial for academics


I am a Swiss robotic engineering student at EPFL. Is there a way to use the Omniverse Kit of the Isaac SDK for academics or is there no other way than go through AWS ?
With the actual situation (confinement), Isaac simulator seems to be the best solution in order to keep on going with my project which consists of controlling a robotic arm with a camera to grasp potatoes for an autonomous growing and harvesting system. A good rendering seems important so the simulated camera actually reflects how the reality would look like.

Thanks for your answers!

Hi Lucas,
I am not sure I understood the “free trial” question. You mean getting access to NVIDIA GPUs on the cloud?

Omniverse Kit can also be run locally in Ubuntu if you have the minimum requirements (RTX 2070 or higher). Here you have two options as well:

  • If you have a laptop/workstation at home with the minimum requirements, perfect. You should be good to go.
  • If not, perhaps you can try to find out if any of your university machines has the requirements and is available for you to use through VPN. You can launch the Isaac SIM container remotely and then use Isaac SIM client on your own laptop at home
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