Isaac SDK + WSL2, no audio device issue

Hi community!

I’m trying to run Isaac SDK via Windows 10 WSL2 functionality since I don’t have spare Linux PC with Nvidia GPU for my fun. Beyond expectations that seems to work in general. I have installed SDK manager, Isaac SDK and all dependencies, GPU is successfully recognized and utilized by sample applications, applications compilation on host PC and target Jetson Nano is ok as well. The only issue I have now is no audio device on host. And because I want to build voice recognition application for Jetson Nano it is blocking issue for me :) Sound is not directly supported in WSL so I’m trying to use PulseAudio (server on Windows and client in WSL). It works in general, via standard PulseAudio/ALSA utils like arecord/aplay/parecord/paplay I can record and play audio without problem despite device list parameter output shows no soundcard. But when running Isaac sample audio apps I got error like
“2020-07-23 10:34:45.598 ERROR packages/audio/AudioCapture.cpp@45: No capture devices found”. The rest of compilation goes OK and app is started, by the way.
I’m pretty new to all this stuff and need some advice. Maybe somebody already have experience with similar task?
Or at least where to dig, how Isaac SDK is accessing sound hardware, which engine is used, etc? Is any way to befriend it with PulseAudio?

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Hi Sergey

You can not run Isaac SDK on Windows machine. Current version only work on Linux unbuntu 18.04.



Thanks for answer.
I understand that Windows environment is not supported by developers of Isaac. But I can run Isaac SDK on Windows machine with WSL 2 Ubuntu 18.04. As I said earlier the only issue I have so far is absence of audio capture/playback capabilities then running applications on the host. Seems audio library used by Isaac needs hardware device, so despite PulseAudio and ALSA emulation proved to work OK in my setup, Isaac fails to find suitable device. So I wrote here in hope for some possible workaround but since nobody answered seems currently there is no any. Pity, I was so close :) Maybe future WSL iterations will bring new functionality to overcame this last obstacle. Or maybe new Isaac release will bring some changes. Anyway, have to use USB stick Ubuntu on my work laptop till then.