Isaac_set_camera: OmniGraph Warning: Camera prim must be specified

when try to follow the tutorial about ros2_camera, the ‘isaac set camera’ shows the warning’isaac_set_camera: OmniGraph Warning: Camera prim must be specified’.However,i have specified the camera prim in the property table,as the below pic shows.

Is there anything wrong which i did not mentioned? HELP!!!

When i close and reopen the usd file,it works.But i still do not know why i met this problem.

Hi @gaozhao22 - The fact that it works when you close and reopen the USD file suggests that the camera does exist and the path is correct, but there might be an issue with the timing or order of operations.

To debug this, you could try the following:

  1. Check the execution order of your graphs. Make sure the graph that creates the camera is executed before the graph that uses the camera.

  2. Add a delay before the Isaac Set Camera node to give the camera time to be created.

  3. Use a conditional or loop to check if the camera exists before executing the Isaac Set Camera node.

Remember that the Omniverse Kit is a real-time system, and the order and timing of operations can sometimes cause issues like this.

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