Isaac Sim 2022.2.0 Installation is stalling

I am trying to upgrade to 2022.2.0, but the process is stuck on “Installing”. I have attached the complete log file to this post, but here are the last few lines:

2022-12-19 16:13:24 [18,311ms] [Warning] [] ********************* MenuItemDescription Surface Gripper *********************
2022-12-19 16:13:24 [18,311ms] [Warning] [] Surface Gripper uses onclick_fn and/or unclick_fn which are deprecated. Use onclick_action and unclick_action instead which use omni.kit.actions.core
[18.325s] [ext: omni.isaac.manipulators-1.1.0] startup
[18.326s] [ext: omni.isaac.universal_robots-0.3.1] startup
[18.327s] [ext: omni.isaac.wheeled_robots-0.6.1] startup
[18.330s] [ext: omni.isaac.franka-0.4.0] startup
[18.330s] [ext: omni.isaac.cortex-0.2.10] startup
[18.331s] [ext: omni.isaac.sim.python-2022.2.0] startup

The previous Isaac Sim versions (2021.2.1, 2022.1.0, 2022.1.1) installed and ran fine on my server.
I’m running Ubuntu 18.04, with NVIDIA driver 470.57.02 and an RTX A4000 GPU. I thought I had CUDA 11.1 installed, but the script seems to be detecting 11.4.

If there’s any additional information I can provide, please let me know. (55.9 KB)

Hi. Please try upgrading your drivers and re install. We have a new driver requirements.

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