Isaac Sim 2022.2.0 people demo failing

I have been trying to get the various people demo’s working today and keep hitting the same issue. I have tried running the simple_event_simulation.usd and the multi_event_simulation.usd and even created my own example following the tutorial steps outlined in the manual section 3.2.2 .Omni.Anim.People. However despite having the appropriate extensions enabled, creating a NavMeshVolume for the stage and importing both Biped_Setup.usd and a character, linking it’s SkelRoot to both the Animation graph and the control python script; On running the simulation the characters simply enter the idle state and never progress to other states. No errors are returned Only that Omniverse has ‘Failed to List the folder at’ the command script location. Can someone please let me know that I’m doing incorrectly? Many thanks

On further investigation it would appear that it’s the collsion NavMeshVolume that causes the problems. If I turn off ‘Navmesh Navigation’ and ‘Dynamic Obstacle avoidance’ in the ‘Behaviour Control Panel’ then animations function as expected.


Hello Robert,

Could you please share the logs of when you see the idle animation being played with navmesh on.

Hi @robert.lloyd1 - as requested can you share the logs to help you resolve the issue?