Isaac Sim 2023 ROS Navigation

Hi Team,

I am running ROS Navigation in Isaac Sim 2023 version.
When I am ROS Navigation and putting a different USD file in ROS Navigation it crashes automatically.

Please help me with this. Also can you help me with how we can run ROS Navigation in any other Environment.

attaching the screen vedio of the same.
Screencast from 11-08-2023 01:58:58 (740 Bytes)

hi @arjun.mangal can you please provide a repro? the video you shared is blank.

Hi @rchadha ,

Sorry for the inconveince.
I am now running ROS2 in Isaac Sim 2023-hotfix. Then also it is crashing.
Screencast from 11-09-2023 10:41:08 (2.0 MB)