Isaac Sim and Gym scalability

Hello everybody,
I am Jacopo Vivaldi and I am a robotics researcher at TII.
With my research group we are evaluating to start using Isaac SIM robotics simulator. Since we mostly work with multi robot systems, I would like to ask you what is the allowed scalability in this simulator. We are looking for something that offers the chance to simulate at least 100 robots (especially UAVs) simultaneously. Do you have some details on this?

I read a lot also about Isaac Gym but from what I understand this is just for Reinforcement learning and it could not be used for control simulations. If I am wrong, could you please give me some details on the scalability?

Thank you very much.

Hi Jacopo,

In theory you can run multiple say100 robots in Isaac Sim, and there is no missing feature for this.
But in practice if all these robots have cameras then you will hit perf issues and you need couple of strong GPUs.
We will have a multi robot example for the next release.
Isaac Gym is mainly for reinforcement learning and it does not support sensors like lidar, …


Thanks a lot for your reply ;)

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