Isaac Sim App Selector freeze

After a total refresh of my computer, the first program that I wanted to use was Isaac Sim on Omniverse. I therefore updated my Nvidia driver and the nvidia-container-toolkit and then proceed to the install of Isaac Sim thanks to the Omniverse AppImage. The install can complete but when I try to launch it, this is what I get :

I am running it on Arch Linux in a gnome environment. I precise that Isaac Sim was running well before the total refresh of the computer on Arch Linux but in a MATE environment. Can someone please help me on this ? Is there a driver that I maybe forgot to install or can it be because of gnome ? Something else ? I precise that I want to run it locally and not in Headless WebSocket/Kit Remote mode.

Thanks for taking the time to read me, looking forward to your responses :)

Update : After trying to uninstall and to install again, I have noticed that the last step which has in its name is rapidly done while it used to take more time the previous times I installed it on my older computer version. Can this be linked to the problem ?