Isaac Sim bookmarks do not persist after container restart

The command I use to start the container is the following:

docker run --name isaac-sim --entrypoint bash -it --gpus all -e "ACCEPT_EULA=Y" --rm --network=host \
	    -v ~/docker/isaac-sim/cache/kit:/isaac-sim/kit/cache/Kit:rw \
    	-v ~/docker/isaac-sim/cache/ov:/root/.cache/ov:rw \
    	-v ~/docker/isaac-sim/cache/pip:/root/.cache/pip:rw \
    	-v ~/docker/isaac-sim/cache/glcache:/root/.cache/nvidia/GLCache:rw \
    	-v ~/docker/isaac-sim/cache/computecache:/root/.nv/ComputeCache:rw \
    	-v ~/docker/isaac-sim/logs:/root/.nvidia-omniverse/logs:rw \
    	-v ~/docker/isaac-sim/data:/root/.local/share/ov/data:rw \
        -v ~/docker/isaac-sim/documents:/root/Documents:rw \

I would assume that somehow the information regarding bookmarks is stored in these folders for persistence, but the bookmarks are deleted after the container restart. How can I make them persistent?

Hi @ozhanozen

The --rm flag automatically removes the container and its associated file system after it exits.
If you want to keep the changes you made, you must remove the --rm flag.

Visit Clean up (–rm) for more details

Thanks for the answer

Is there a way to keep the changes over while keeping the --rm flag? Similar to how the cache is stored.

Hi @ozhanozen

Not that I know of
It would be necessary to explore the docker run command options to identify that case.

Can you provide more detail on what you want to achieve with your setup?

Ok,, thank you for the answer.

Nothing specific; we restart the PC, which contains the containers, regularly, so I was losing the bookmarks. I thought this wouldn’t be the expected behaviour, but it is not a big problem.

Hi @ozhanozen. The Bookmarks list is located in this file: /root/.nvidia-omniverse/omniverse.toml

Try running the container with that folder mounted. The second run will have it cached.

docker run --name isaac-sim --entrypoint bash -it --gpus all -e “ACCEPT_EULA=Y” --rm --network=host
-v ~/docker/isaac-sim/cache/kit:/isaac-sim/kit/cache/Kit:rw
-v ~/docker/isaac-sim/cache/ov:/root/.cache/ov:rw
-v ~/docker/isaac-sim/cache/pip:/root/.cache/pip:rw
-v ~/docker/isaac-sim/cache/glcache:/root/.cache/nvidia/GLCache:rw
-v ~/docker/isaac-sim/cache/computecache:/root/.nv/ComputeCache:rw
-v ~/docker/isaac-sim/logs:/root/.nvidia-omniverse/logs:rw
-v ~/docker/isaac-sim/nv/config:/root/.nvidia-omniverse/config:rw
-v ~/docker/isaac-sim/data:/root/.local/share/ov/data:rw
-v ~/docker/isaac-sim/documents:/root/Documents:rw

Thanks. This solved the problem!

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