ISAAC Sim Core Dump

Hello, I am new to ISAAC Sim and am trying to launch it for the first time. When trying to launch from the GUI it will say launching and then time out. I followed the instructions for running from command line (shown below).

./home/ubuntu/.local/share/ov/pkg/isaac_sim-2021.1.1/ -v

However, I am getting a Core Dump Error when running from command line. What could be causing this?

I am running in an Ubuntu 18.04 EC2 g4dn.4xlarge instance.

Hardware Details:
16 Core
56 Free GB RAM
NVIDIA T4 GPU (Updated Driver 440)

Hi, Isaac Sim requires a minimum driver version of 460.67. For AWS instances, we recommend using the docker container and livestream. See Native Workstation Deployment — Omniverse Robotics documentation.