Isaac Sim doesn't show Install button

All the other apps show an install when I am on the Exchange tab. My drivers were updated over the weekend, so I know they are the latest (5 something, and minimum said 4 something for Isaac Sim).

Any way to figure out why it doesn’t give me the install option?

I believe it’s only available on Linux. If you’re on windows that’s likely the issue.

Thank you for the reply. I’ve heard of Linux, but that’s about it.

Looked fun for animation to me, not just robotics. I hope they bring that to Windows.

Hello @DataJuggler! @LMTraina99 is correct. Isaac Sim is currently only available on Linux. Here is a link to the technical requirements. Let me check with Isaac team to see if they have plans to support Windows.

Thank you. After he mentioned it, I noticed the Platform icon had a Linux Icon.

It’s strange to me to be Linux only, I have never heard of anyone using Linux except Microsoft recently.

Linux is still preferred and widely used by our Isaac Sim robotics simulation users which is why we wanted to fully support this operating system. Most existing robotics environments are usually Linux based which is why robotics users want to leverage their existing setups. As a result, Linux dominance ensues!

I am sure that there are several people that would like Isaac Sim to be supported on Windows! I know my robotics team kids prefer the Windows-based visualization tools and they usually run Linux on a Virtual Machine inside Windows.

I messaged the Isaac Sim team and I’ll post back here when I hear back!

OK, thanks for that. I know very little about robots. I just wanted to play with a virtual robot.

When someone makes a robot that does housework, I am ready to buy.



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@DataJuggler! Great news! The Isaac Sim team is releasing support for Windows in the next release!

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