Isaac Sim | Duplicate sublayer found in the Root Layer


We want to update one of our models, yet keeping its old name.
If we rename the old model, and try to add the new model, it gets 01 appended to its name even though gui-wise, there is no other model with the same name. So, we tried removing the models, saving, and then adding and we get the following error:
Duplicate sublayer found in the Root Layer

Using Isaac Sim 2022.2.0

Even though there is still a bug that deleting from the stage doesn’t delete the layer. I worked around the issue by going to the “Layer” tab next to the stage, and manually deleting it from there.

Can you elaborate more / show more details on what’s happening? if not possible to share the original assets, can you make a reproduction with some sample assets?

Hi @omers , let us know if this is still an issue for you. If not then we can close this issue.