Isaac Sim “editor mode” projects?

So with this new version Omniverse Isaac Sim do you have the concept of “editor mode” projects and packages?

““editor mode” projects and packages, which require the Unity Editor, allow you to create your own simulation environment for Isaac SDK” ?

because on the issaac SDK instructions for isaac sim found here

it says that and alludes to the following development workflow

is this workflow still valid?

because you refer to it from the Omniverse Issac Sim documentation locationed at

with a link to ISaac SDK 2020.2


its just really confusing what should i tell my dev team to start working on since i cant really discern wether i should tell them to go learn Unity so we can integrate our modeling and applications for robotics through unity or should i tell them to go learn Unreal Engine so we can integrate our modeling and applications for robotics through unreal engine.

The answer today might be different tomorrow but at least i know where to point my ship towards. What are your plans? is unity a second hand player in this space? is unreal your primary partner? What about the hololens? it can be developed through unity and robotics applications can include an augmented reality component. but it can also be programmed through unreal engine.

is unity just a toy to placate developers and bring them to Isaac and unreal your goto platform?? whats the story? i cannot tell from your software.

Hi Juan,

It is better to switch to Omniverse Isaac Sim, since this will be the simulator for Isaac SDK moving forward. The unity sim will be running, but no new features will be added there, and the support on that will be limited. Towards end of the year, we will end the support for Unity Isaac Sim.