isaac SIM: Follow Me Application

I’m following the steps described in:

I started the application and everything seems ok: in the browser i can see the tags correctly recognized and a blue line indicating the planned trajectory.

My question is about the last sentence:
To navigate via joystick, press and hold the right shoulder button for Kaya to navigate and follow the detected AprilTag.
If I press the right shoulder button, I’m able to move the robot around, I can see the computed plan changing, however I never succeeded in seeing the robot moving autonomously. Am I missing something?

It will drive autonomously only if both the right trigger is pressed and the April tag is detected.

I can detect the April tag and I can move the robot with the joystick (by pressing the right trigger), however the robot never drives autonomously…

I think the sentence in the doc is a bit misleading.

If you press the right trigger, the Kaya would autonomously move towards the april tag. Any time you press left shoulder, you take control with joystick and then with left/right joystick keys you can move the Kaya.

From the doc:
“To navigate via joystick, press and hold the left shoulder button to enter manual control mode, and then and use the left thumbstick to move the robot forward/backward and the right thumbstick to turn left/right.”

hi @Ltorabi liila

sorry to disturb you again. my host pc does not have any wifi or Bluetooth device .

so that mean it can’t start the autonomously move without a joystick .

however i tried to install the virtual joystick according to the doc. but it did’t work.

can you help with more details in that matter .

thanks in advance .

hi @ltorabi liila

after some time i figure out how to setup the virtual gamepad.
but now how i am supposed to set the deadman switch through the virtual gamepad.
the keyboard or the mouse can only move the kaya in the four direction no extra button.

Hi aosanshugaa,

Could you explain exactly what is your problem.