Isaac Sim Installation 2021.1


I want to install Isaac Sim 2021.1. I followed instructions from this link: Setup — Isaac Sim 1.2 documentation
The second bullet point “2” under Build Isaac Sim with SDK Components directs to download " Isaac Sim Content XML." I couldn’t locate the “Isaac Sim Content XML” in that link. Also, in this link, “NVIDIA Isaac Sim - Getting Started | NVIDIA Developer” there are several options with no instruction about them. This becomes so confusing for me. Would you please help me with a straightforward solution for installing Isaac Sim?

P.S. I could manage to install Isaac SDK hassle-free.

Hi Mahdi,

This is the old Isaac Sim which was base don Unity and is no longer supported.
Please go to Isaac Sim page: NVIDIA Isaac Sim | NVIDIA Developer which is based on Omniverse.


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