Isaac SIM installation question

Server A:
GPU: Tesla T4
OS: Ubuntu 18.04

Server B:
GPU: DGX Station A100
OS: Ubuntu 20.04

After checking the documents on the website, I would like to understand more about the installation prerequisite of Isaac SIM.

Does Isaac SIM require a "RTX"/"GeForce" series card? Or any GPU cards could be used as long as the compute capability is above 6.1?

On this doc, Isaac only supports Ubuntu 18.04 but on this doc, it can also partially support Ubuntu 20.04, and the installation process are different between those 2 docs, which one should I use as the right reference?

I would like to use Isaac Remote Control, should I follow this or is there any new doc available?

Is Isaac SIM working well via Microsoft Remote desktop or Remmina on remote workstation? or it’s better to install it on a physical desktop/server?

After checking other posts, here are the initial answers for my questions:

  1. IsaaC SIM requires RTX series GPU, here is the hardware requirement

  2. It seems that the doc under Omniverse is the latest one and should be used as the reference.

  3. Instead of Microsoft Remote Desktop or Remmina, IssaC SIM provides livestream websocket and Omniverse Remote Kit Client to view IssaC SIM remotely on the desktop/workstation without powerful GPU.

  4. Regarding IsaaC Remote Control (IsaaC RC), this doc is still the latest one and should be used as the reference currently.

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