Isaac Sim-Isaac SDK application

I would like to create an application to work with isaac sim and isaac sdk.
I don’t know how to start using Isaac SDk with Isaac Sim.
is there an Tutorial about how to connect the SIM Simulation using the REB with SDK?
So I dont get how to create skd Components in the SIM Environment and den connect them to skd.

Die Isaac-Sdk/Sim Examples from nvidia dont work, so Im confused…

It would be reallly helpful if someone can give a hand on how to start working with the two applications

This tutorial should be a good start: Isaac Sim Built on Omniverse — ISAAC 2021.1 documentation

well as I said, your examples dont work… so Im not available to see what is happening.

I have read this page a few times now and not all of the provided examples work as advertised. I was looking for a more succinct write up on how to code/edit files to make this possible. I feel like the documentation points everyone to running samples and not so much how to develop.

Any sample in particular we could focus on that you had found problematic?