Isaac Sim Launcher Freezes when connectin to an external ROS Master

I am trying to connect Isaac Sim to an external ROS master. The ROS Bridge recognizes the ROS_MASTER_URI environment variable but it ends up freezing at the end of loading. I am launching Isaac Sim from Omniverse.

DO you have any errors or log files to share?

Here are two sets of logs.

The first session is from a launch from Omniverse App with Enviornment variables
Isaac-Sim_APP_Launcher/2021.1: kit_20211006_142942.log (73.7 KB)
Isaac-Sim/2021.1: kit_20211006_143005.log (228.1 KB)

The second session is one without the environment variables set and Isaac Sim opens without issue.
Isaac-Sim_APP_Launcher/2021.1: kit_20211006_143318.log (73.5 KB)
Isaac-Sim/2021.1: kit_20211006_143321.log (229.1 KB)

NOTE: Not connected to Nucleus today but had the same issue while connected

I was able to start sim with roscore running on a separate machine without the hang issue. All of the expected topics showed up on the receiving machine but I could not echo any data. Digging more into this to see if the issue is on the ROS side or Sim side due to clock synchronization