Isaac Sim logs constantly [No source has valid data array]

Hello there!

I’ve started using the Camera api from the module (api here) and for some reason, the sim now constantly logs this:
[Warning] [omni.graph.core.plugin] No source has valid data array=0x31431dc8 usdValid=0 cpuValid=0 gpuValid=0 gpuAllocedWithCuda=0

My code is working as expected, I’m being able of consuming the camera frames and so on, but it still complains. I know it’s a warning, but it does not let me see the relevant logs.

Any idea of what the warning is about? How can I prevent it?


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hello! sorry for the late reply. can you provide a minimal working script or a description of how you get this warning? I’m specifically curious about how the camera is created (do you create it entirely in python? or do you wrap a camera that’s loaded with the stage?), and how you are querying the camera for data.

thanks! and sorry again!