Isaac sim not able to launch

Not sure the reason why it is not able to launch. I tested the different Cuda drives/verison. Also removed all the packages and reinstalled the Omniverse and Isaac sim. And all seem to have similar issues.
It works fine when I use the 2080Ti and now is 4070Ti, not sure if is the problem of new GPU

[Warn] [carb.crashreporter-breakpad.plugin] [crash] A crash has occurred. If a debugger should be attached, please set the ‘/crashreporter/debuggerAttachTimeoutMs’ setting to a timeout in milliseconds. This can be used to allow the crash reporter to wait for up to that long for a debugger to attach before processing or sending the crash report.
kit_20240405_222126.log (550.2 KB)

@yatinlin i am just a passerby and could be wrong here, have you tried resetting the config with the --reset-user flag? it could also be something else completely, so i’ll let the devs/mods chime in.

Yes, I tried this and it is still not able to launch. I did the same installation on another computer(2080Ti) and it works fine.

Hi @yatinlin - Are you able to launch other OV apps like USD Composer?

Yes, I’m able to launch the USD Composer. @rthaker

Hi guys, I have a very similar situation. I can launch Isaac Sim 2022.2.1, but have the same problem with 23.1.1 and 23.1.0-hotfix. And my OS is Ubuntu 22.04. I still have other problem with the 22.2.1, although I can launch it. So, I really would like to try the latest version of Isaac Sim. Please help.
(Btw, I download the latest USD Composer and cannot launch it either.