Isaac Sim/SDK Ball Segmentation GameModeBase does not exit

Hi, I wasn’t sure weather to post this under the SDK or Sim so I’ll post it here anyways:

I have been working through the tutorials for the Isaac Sim/SDK but have hit a roadblock with the Ball Segmentation Example (see :

My issue is that the file IsaacSimGameModeBase (ref. step 2) does not exist in my build of UnrealEngine.

I have followed the installation steps to the t and have successfully ran the Kaya and Carter Sim tutorials, so it would appear to be installed correctly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


That line of the documentation is a bit dated.
Please follow the instructions in Isaac Sim doc to run the sim:

  1. Update the json files with your absolute path
  2. Run Isaac sim with the warehouse map

Hope this helps,

Hi, thanks for the help; running the sim from the warehouse map helped solve my problem:

I have noticed that when running the sim, I have to specify the path to the isaac_sim_bridge_config for whichever app I want to run

eg. for running warehouse_p with ball_segmentation example:

./Engine/Binaries/Linux/UE4Editor IsaacSimProject CarterWarehouse_P -vulkan -isaac_sim_config_json="/apps/samples/ball_segmentation/bridge_config/training_sim.json"

This seems to work for me but the documentation doesn’t make it very clear that the bridge_config path needs to be passed for whichever app you plan on simulating.


Thanks for the feedback.
We will update the documentation for the next release so that this is clear.


Any update about this sample?

sorry but a little help .

i did what you said. but still can find the IsaacSimGameModeBase.

and also when i try the carter sim the carter stay in his place and dont move

and a third problem inside the sight nothing change to the windows the 2d , 3d or plots
it stay on the first picture or frame i need to keep refreshing the sight to have a different frame or picture in them .


If you follow the instructions in the Isaac Sim doc, you do not need to set the IsaacSimGameModeBase
You need to run CarterSim app on the Isaac SDK side in order to Carter moves and sight gets updated.

Please follow step by step by step from the Isaac Sim doc.

Hope this helps,

hello @ltorabi Liila

thanks for your replay to me , and i follow the instructions in both the Isaac sim and Isaac sdk docs.

but somehow the carter folder was missing from the apps folder in the isaac
i downloaded the nightly one but then i just downloaded the isaac sdk 2019.1 which i don’t know if it’s the newer i guess and it worked fine .

however i still can see the IsaacSimGameModeBase in the UE4editor ?? but it work i don’t know way if you have any thought i would appreciate it .

i hope this would help someone if they mistaken like me ^_^ .


I am glad you got it working.
On the SDK side they have been re-arranging the folders, so maybe that is why you didn’t see carter in the apps for a while.
The IsaacSimGameModeBase is still in Isaac sim, but if you run the complete command line (with all parameters) you do not need to set it from the IsaacSim, and automatically will be set.

Hope this helps,