Isaac sim SteamVr error

Hi all,
I’m working on a isaac sim simulation where i have created my extension on the latest version 2022.2.1.
Actually i’m facing the problem of enabling the xr profile extension, because the streaming perfectly works but the joypad cannot allow me to nsvigate into the world.
The checkbox of the navigstion is enabled but both thejoypad cannot make me any movement.
Rolling back to the previous version only the 2022.1.1 seems to work.
Somebody have already faced this issue?

Hi @vincenzodepaola94 - Someone from our team will review and answer your question.

In addition, will it be possible for you to provide video of screen recording of the problem?

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Hi, I am also experiencing this issue, could you please share some thoughts about this? Thanks a lot

Hi @sochongl - It is a known issue in the Isaac Sim 2022.2.1 release. This should be fixed in our upcoming Isaac Sim release.