Isaac sim stuck when running orbit existing scripts

I try to run orbit demo scripts with isaac sim 2023.1.1;
The reference link is as follow: Running Existing Scripts — orbit documentation
For example, when I run:

./ -p source/standalone/demos/

Then Isaac sim get stuck and the log is :
[213,330ms] [Warning] [omni.usd] Warning: in _ReportErrors at line 2890 of /buildAgent/work/ac88d7d902b57417/USD/pxr/usd/usd/stage.cpp –
In </World/defaultGroundPlane>: Could not open asset @
Environments/Grid/default_environment.usd@ for reference introduced by @anon:0x1135bcd0:World0.usd@</World/defaultGroundPlane>. (recomposing stage on stage @anon:0x1135bcd0:World0.usd@ <0x13264c10>)

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/stardust/software/orbit/source/standalone/demos/”, line 183, in
File “/home/stardust/software/orbit/source/standalone/demos/”, line 171, in main
scene_entities, scene_origins = design_scene()
File “/home/stardust/software/orbit/source/standalone/demos/”, line 69, in design_scene
cfg.func(“/World/defaultGroundPlane”, cfg)
File “/home/stardust/software/orbit/source/extensions/omni.isaac.orbit/omni/isaac/orbit/sim/spawners/from_files/”, line 145, in spawn_ground_plane
collision_prim_path = prim_utils.get_prim_path(
File “/home/stardust/.local/share/ov/pkg/isaac_sim-2023.1.1/exts/omni.isaac.core/omni/isaac/core/utils/”, line 628, in get_prim_path
return prim.GetPath()
AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘GetPath’

I can download the .usd file using wget; Thus my network is normal;

How to solve this problem? Thanks!

My PC configuration

  1. Nvidia driver-550.67
  2. NVIDIA RTX 4070S