Isaac Sim Synthetic Data Save Normals


I would like to use the Synthetic Data Recorder to save some information about the environment in the simulator, like rgb image, depth image, normals, etc.

I can save rgb image, depth image, bounding boxes, but the tool does not support saving images about normals, although, it can be viewed with the Synthetic Data Visualizer.

Is there a way to do this? Or is there a plan to implement this into the Isaac sim?

It would be also nice if I could publish the normal images using a ROS camera module.

On the forum I have seen that others are asking for IMU data, that can be also an option to save (or publish as a ROS topic)

Hi @molnarszilard10 ,

We plan to support saving normals via synthetic data recorder and ROS in the upcoming release. The same plan applies to publishing IMU as a ROS topic.

In case you want to still save sensor data that can be visualized by the Synthetic Data Visualizer but not saved via Synthetic Data Recorder, refer to $ISAAC_SIM/kit/extscore/omni.syntheticdata/omni/syntheticdata/scripts/ for various sensors synthetic data output that ISAAC SIM generates (for example, get_normals()) and integrate with, and within $ISAAC_SIM/exts/omni.isaac.synthetic_utils/omni/isaac/synthetic_utils/scripts