Isaac sim to achieve a mirror hand effect

How to use Isaac sim to achieve the effect of a mirrored hand, that is, the left and right hand model, similar to the shadowhand model, the effect is the action of the left hand, the right hand and synchronization, that is, the right hand to get the position and angle of the left hand to get the degree of freedom of the left hand, I need to use Isaac sim to get some functions to achieve this mirror function

Hi @3047152506 - the core APIs lets you set and get dof positions and you can just mirror that data to both articulations.

Why can’t I use from omni.isaac.sensor import _sensor in my in the cartpole example in standalone_examples/api/omni.isaac.gym, am I not using it that way, or I want to use it in standalone_examples/api/ omni.isaac.gym is there any other way to use sensors, please tell me