Isaac Sim with Kaya instead of Carter


Is it possible to simulate Kaya instead of Carter for apps other than navigate/gmapping? For example, in the ‘tutorial’ scene, how would one go about replacing Carter with Kaya?

I tried creating a kaya.json file in packages/navsim/robots similar to carter.json, and also added the Kaya prefab to the scene. Trying to run it this way results in Kaya going off the rails and the navsim app crashing.

How does the simulation work with Kaya?

I am sorry for the late reply, hope it is still helpful.
Which SDK version are you using?

We only have support for Kaya in simulation in the previous releases using the Unreal Engine (2019.1, 2019.2).
For Unity, we have not implemented an Holonomic base actuator, so that is not currently possible in 2019.3

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