Isaac sim with ROS bridge manuall fixed timestep

Hi I am new to using Isaac sim and I want to update the time step of the simulation manually after all computation of my application are done and then move to the next one (like tick commands on other sim software)

Although I have seen various method I am not sure how to connect them
method1: publishing in ROS1: SubscribeClock I have seen that if I publish in this topic the simulation will move forward one time step but currently the sim already progress in time so wont both the sim environment and my script publish in the same topic as a result the time will change for both publishers?

method 2: Time Stepping Control [omni.kit.loop-isaac]. Using this I understand I can change the time to manual and select my time step but it is is unclear how I update it (do I use the ros method1 or there is a specific command to update the time step)

I would really appreciate any help about clarifying what is the correct method to control manually the simulation time