Isaac Simulator omni.anim.people speed

I want to decrease the walk speed using omni.anim.people.
But when i handle the line 106 of the code, the speed become lower than before but the human’s walking stride become too small… So when i record the data, It looks like that the human’s leg doesn’t move…

Is there any method that solve this problem?
I attached my result video which the human’s leg does not move…


@rthaker Can you help me? I’m really sorry for tagging you in my question.
But i eagly await the solution of this problem for my work…
So Please could you give me any advices?
Or Is there any method to solve that problem? T…T

Thank you so much :)

Hi @phr0201 - This issue will be fixed in the release coming later this year (around Nov/Dec).

Is this function (speed adjustment) currently available?

Hi @phr0201 - Did you try on latest Isaac Sim release?