Isaacgym 1.04 - conda installation wrong python version in rlgpu_conda_env.yml

Some of the physx modules are pre-compiled for python version 3.6 but the conda environment installs python v3.7.

The examples only work when python=3.7 is changed to python=3.6 in rlgpu_conda_env.yml.

This makes some inconsistencies with the conda environment when trying to install spyder, but using python directly from terminal works.

Hi @nikola.petkov,

I’m guessing you’re running Ubuntu 20.04. You should be able to use Python 3.7 following the installation instructions in the documentation, where we point out that you will need to explicitly set your LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the lib directory inside your conda env.

Take care,

Thanks Gav, it works now.

I removed and recreated the conda environment. I used sudo apt install libpython3.7 as described in the documentation, and it worked after that.