Isaan Sim Launcher in Linux KDE

Hello Nvidia Team,

I know officially Isaac Sim is meant to run on Ubuntu and therefore uses Gnome commands in the background, but as other Tools like Create don’t have this, I just wanted to mention it.

I use Manjaro Linux with KDE as Desktop and when I press on launch in the Omniverse Launcher the Pop-up appears where I can start the application. That start function doesn’t work though, because in the background it tries to run a Gnome-terminal command, which I don’t have. With other Tools like Create that doesn’t happen. Of course, I can run the file manually, what I do at the moment, but I guess it would but just a minor change to include also KDE Users to use the Launcher interface.

For everyone who is encountering the same issue:
Just open the Isaac Sim folder and run the desired Application manually.
For instance:


Best regards
Keno Teppris


Hi @KenoT,

Thanks for sharing!

Tom K