Isacc sim starts but does not show any environment or robot after I try to import

Hi, I am new to Omniverse Isaac sim, Have installed the isaac simulator, but when I try to import any environment or robot nothing is shown on the simulator. Any suggestions? I have also downloaded the SDK and extracted it. Is there any documentation which provides installation to importing robots?

It shows another error in the terminal about no hydra engine was found.

Hi @user25981 and welcome to the Omniverse community!

I’m sorry for the delay…there appears to be a bug hiding some posts from view when we search for new posts (we are trying to resolve). Was your question answered separately or do you still need assistance?

In the meantime, here’s a video playlist on Isaac Sim, including a recording of a livestream with the Isaac team: Playlist | PRODUCT - Omniverse Issac Sim/Gym | NVIDIA On-Demand

Thanks again for your patience and let me know if you still need some help.


P.S. We are constantly adding new tutorials and aggregate them all in the “learn” tab on the launcher (also see: NVIDIA Omniverse Tutorials | NVIDIA Developer).

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