ISC 2020: Visualizing 150 Terabytes of Data

ISC 2020 disc02
Presenters: DemoTeam, NVIDIA
A team of NASA scientists and engineers are using Summit, the world’s fastest supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), to simulate retropropulsion using NASA’s FUN3D, a computational fluid dynamics simulation library. The amount of data produced during this simulation, which took approximately one week to run on Summit, was a massive 128 TB—equivalent to approximately 25,000 4K movies. The existing solution was to create a frame-by-frame video rendering of the data, a process that took hours. This demonstration uses two NVIDIA technologies—IndeX and GPUDirect Storage—to allow researchers to fly through the massive dataset in real time, volumetrically, and even navigate through it while the simulation data continuously updates.

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