ISensorTimestampTsc NULL on Orin AGX but not Xavier NX

We are doing the following to get timestamp information:

IArgusCaptureMetadata *iArgusCaptureMetadata = interface_cast<IArgusCaptureMetadata>(frame_buffer[i]);
if (!iArgusCaptureMetadata)
   ORIGINATE_ERROR("Failed to get IArgusCaptureMetadata interface.");
CaptureMetadata *metadata = iArgusCaptureMetadata->getMetadata();
const Ext::ISensorTimestampTsc *sensorTSC = interface_cast<const Ext::ISensorTimestampTsc>(metadata);

On a Xavier NX running R32 (release), REVISION: 6.1, this works and we use sensorTSC->getSensorSofTimestampTsc() to get the timestamp. On an AGX Orin running R34 (release), REVISION: 1.1, we are running the same code, but sensorTSC is NULL.

Do you know what might cause this?

Did you use the same sensor that support embedded data?

Yes we used the same sensor on both the Orin and NX.

Could you share you whole source here for verifying?


argus_main_fast.cpp (32.0 KB)
Here is the whole source file.

Could you verify on Xavier with J5.0(R34.1.1) to confirm it the platform depend or BSP regression.


We currently can only run Jetpack 5.0 on the Orin AGX, and not Xaviers, with the software given to us by the camera manufacturer. Our Xaviers are still running Jetpack 4.

Please contact with your caemra partner to get new SW/driver for JetPack 5.0 on Orin. Thanks

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