ISP Auto Exposure is wrong with P016 format


I’m using JP4.6.2, TX2NX. When testing with argus_camera app, everything is fine with NV12 YUV format. But when I choose P016, the exposure time is always increase to maximum value, and the output image/video is absolutely over bright.
In NV12 format, if I lock the auto exposure, then change to P016, the brightness of image is same for NV12 & P016.

Is this a bug? Or P016 doesn’t work with ISP auto exposure?

Thank you.

You may have a look to gains (analog, digital) and try locking these and see for auto-exposure.
Note that other auto-tuning such as wb may also interfere.

They can affect the image, yes. But not that much.
With NV12 the exposure time is just about 7ms, when change to P016, exposure time becomes maximum 33ms (30FPS) and the image is almost over saturated (mostly white).

P016 is for experimental use and is not ready. Please use NV12 for real use-case.

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