ISP camera settings Argus

Hi Guys,

I am working on an application which requires two cameras plugged into TX2 carrier board. I have observed from my experiments that the two cameras give visually different output for the same scene. This is hurting my application in more than one way.

I tried argus_camera to configure the cameras to identical settings but was not quite succeesful. Could anyone suggest how to accomplish the simple task of obtaining similar output from identical cameras (Sony IMX274 in my case).

I wish to set all ISP settings (AWB, Exposure, De-noise, etc.) to be identical for both the cameras so that they give me the same visual output when I capture identical scene.

Please suggest ways to accomplish this task.


What do you mean “I tried argus_camera to configure the cameras to identical settings but was not quite succeesful.” ?

Hi ShaneCCC,

As per my understanding, the settings configured using “argus_camera” should update the camera settings which kick in automatically the next time cameras are used. Is that the right understanding ?

When I say “I tried argus_camera to configure the cameras to identical settings but was not quite succeesful.”, I mean to say that even when the settings are identical in the argus camera app for both the cameras, still I get visually different output from both the cameras. Additionally, the nature of images stay the same even when I replace the pair of cameras being used with another pair.

Please help me figure out what needs to be done to ensure that visual quality of output remains same for both the cameras.


I am still not quite understand it.
What configure what you expect?

Hi ShaneCCC,

I have 2 Sony IMX274 cameras. When I am trying to capture images of the same scene using them, I observe that the visual output is distinctly different. To be more clear, sensor-id=0 and sensor-id=1 give two different visually looking images. This nature of difference stays the same irrespective of replacing the cameras with another pair.

Is there a way to ensure that the two cameras have exactly the same ISP settings such as Expose, AWB , De-noise etc. (as mentioned in argus_camera app) ?


The ISP setting should be the same. Does your sensor module from scaling partner? Please consult to the partner for the tuning process.

What files do you see in /var/nvidia/nvcam/settings? It is possible to have different default ISP settings for each camera. If all you see is camera_overrides.isp then that is the baseline used for all cameras.

Be careful: the .isp files must be owned by root with group root and mode 664. If the permissions aren’t exact nvcamera-daemon will not load the files.