ISP capture startup


I have an application, where I want to use the ISP and libargus to capture frame from an external triggered camera.
I can setup the Pipeline and preview or save the captured frames.

However, I have noticed, that the Argus library needs three triggers (frames from the camera), after the start of the capture, before frames are acquired.
Also some frames are needed to shutdown the libargus after the capture was closed.

Also some configuration options like the exposure time needs some frames to be applied correctly.

Is there a way to remove this additional trigger/frames?

hello rbayr,

it’s expected behavior.

for your reference of Argus FIFOs.
from Argus side when ISP is in use, our user-space driver internally takes care of initiating extra 2 captures for sensor exposure programming when Argus and hence underneath driver receives first capture request from client.
these two internal captures were ignored at driver level and are NOT sent to Argus or client, so this way client receives the same output captures which was requested. although sensor would have captured 3 frames but first 2 frames might be with incorrect exposure settings.

Is there any possibility to disable this behaviour, because my application only uses fixed exposure times?

hello rbayr,

no, that’s the default configurations.
even though you have fixed exposure times, it’ll need extra capture frames for sensor init programming.

thank for the clarification and quick reply

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