ISP dark conditions

Hi All,

Some time ago I developed a driver for the sensor OS08A10 and JetPack 3.2.1. For that sensor and JetPack version we have a camera_overrides.isp that works very well in dark and light conditions.

However, recently we moved the system to JetPack 4.4 and we ported the driver to V2. Using the same camera_overrides.isp that we used for JP 3.2.1, we have seen that the images captured in dark conditions using nvarguscamerasrc look noisier than using nvcamerasrc.

do you consider that we need to generate a new camera_overrides.isp file for JetPack 4.4 and driver V2? Is there a way to deal with dark and light conditions using the same camera_overrides.isp?


hello ACervantes,

there’re usually software architecture changes, and also tuning parameter updates for the major release. i.e. l4t-r28 to l4t-r32
according to the l4t release version as below.

JetPack-3.2.1 / L4T-r28.2
JetPack-4.4 / L4T-r32.4.3

you’ll need to generate a new camera_overrides.isp file for JetPack-4.4 and driver V2.
you may reuse the ISP files between minor l4t release, for example, from l4t-r32.x to l4t-r32.x