ISP noise reduction versions


In different ISP files that I have for Jetson Nano for different Image sensors (IMX577 and IMX274), I can see two types/version of noise reduction: noiseReduction.v2 and noiseReduction.v6.
What is the difference between that algos? Additionally, in the Tegra Linux Driver Package SW Features document, in order to enable GPU based temporal noise reduction, tnr.v2 should be enabled in camera_overrides.isp.
Is tnr.v2 is the same as noiseReduction.v2?


It’s better to consult with camera partner to get the detail information.

Noise reduction is a block in the ISP chain. It would great if could light some shade about the mysterious ISP. This is module owned by Nvidia and tuned by third parties. It almost impossible to find information about the Jetson ISP module. It would be very usefully to be more open and share clear information about your ISP.


No, the noiseReduction.v2 is HWNR it’s different with tnr.v2

So to enable this feature, tnr.v2 should be added to camera_overrides.isp? In high level, whats is the difference between the GPU based NR and HW based NR?

GPU base NR are the software NR implement by cuda.