ISP support for multi-cam HDR streams

I am writing drivers for Leopard Imaging’s LI-IMX490-FPDLinkIII on the Jetson AGX Xavier platform running a custom Linux distro. I am currently able to run two camera streams simultaneously through the Jetson’s ISP chip, but without HDR support.

Currently, I have the sensors configured to produce non-HDR imaging at 20FPS at 2880 x 1860 in RAW12. I would like to configure the sensors to produce HDR imaging at 20FPS at 2880 x 1860 in RAW16. Ideally, I would like to run three of these streams simultaneously. Is something like this technically possible? I am unsure that the ISP will be able to support these HDR streams because of the increased data rate/bit depth - my understanding is that the ISP would struggle to process all of these at once, but I don’t have any information about its limitations.

Suppose AGX support your case without problem.
And I would suggest consult with Leopard for the driver.

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