ISP white balance problem

HI, nvidia:

We have a custom mipi raw10 sensor, after config the dts and driver

we can make the sensor work now

but we found the image from arugs_camera is not good, some time is reddish and some time is more blue (argus_camera_image.png)

So we used v4l2-ctl command dump a raw file ,then we used a third part image tool(FastRawViewer) which can show raw file

and we found if we changed the color temperature and tint on the tool’s white balance window,we can get quite good image(tuned_image.png).

So we think the problem may caused by the ISP , Is there any para of ISP we can chang liks color temperature or tint ?

If not , please give some advise, thanks!

Does you badge name if DT the same with any reference camera board? If yes rename it.
If not you may need tuning process by camera partner.

tegra-camera-platform {
        compatible = "nvidia, tegra-camera-platform";
        modules {
            module0 {
                <b>badge = "imx185_bottom_liimx185";</b>
                position = "bottom";
                orientation = "0";
                drivernode0 {
                    pcl_id = "v4l2_sensor";
                    devname = "imx185 30-001a";
                    proc-device-tree =