ISSAC Collision Problem

I have questions about the collision check.
I use ISAAC SIM program for collision check but I do not know it is working on this program. Could you tell me it can be use directly on the ISAAC SIM when it is rigid body or not.
My second question is also similar as the first question. ISAAC UNREAL engine can check the collision or not.
The last question is OMNIVERSE use simple mash or real mesh. Because I already make the mash using other program.

Could you provide an example of a collision check you think is not working? You have a rigid body, say a block, and what else exactly?

Isaac Sim on UE4 is no longer being developed. You’ll want to use either Isaac Sim on Unity or the newly released Isaac Sim on Omniverse.

I will check on the answer to the last question, but I suspect it is real mesh as the final stage, simplified mesh or bounding sphere for initial check.