Issac Sim People Simulation (Character Initialization)

I am trying to simulate people in my custom usd files.
I’ve follow the tutorial (3. Omni.Anim.People — Omniverse Robotics documentation) But the warning keep occurs ‘Initialize the character’.
What does it mean?

2023-06-08 12:47:11 [2,035,353ms] [Warning] [home_cilab___dot__local_share_ov_pkg_isaac_sim__dash__2022__dot__2__dot__1_extscache_omni__dot__anim__dot__people__dash__0__dot__1__dot__9_omni_anim_people_scripts.character_behavior] Initialize the character

Hi - Are you seeing any issues with your people simulation because of this warning or just curious about what this warning means?