Issue build sample Holoscan my_Recorder code

I’m a developer new to the Holoscan SDK. In my effort to learn and understand the gxf/holoscan framework, I’ve attempting to build and run the several of the provided code samples. I’m following the steps provided in by this link: Clara Holoscan Development Guide - NVIDIA Docs

The MyRecoder extension build worked just fine, however the when building the my_recorder_op.cpp, the build fails with the following error message:

[485/568] Building CXX object apps/my_recorder_app/CMakeFiles/my_recorder_app.dir/my_recorder_op.cpp.o
FAILED: apps/my_recorder_app/CMakeFiles/my_recorder_app.dir/my_recorder_op.cpp.o
/usr/bin/c++ -I/workspace/holoscan-sdk/apps/workspace/holoscan-sdk/include -I/workspace/holoscan-sdk/apps/workspace/holoscan-sdk/include/core -O3 -DNDEBUG -std=c++17 -MD -MT apps/my_recorder_app/CMakeFiles/my_recorder_app.dir/my_recorder_op.cpp.o -MF apps/my_recorder_app/CMakeFiles/my_recorder_app.dir/my_recorder_op.cpp.o.d -o apps/my_recorder_app/CMakeFiles/my_recorder_app.dir/my_recorder_op.cpp.o -c /workspace/holoscan-sdk/apps/my_recorder_app/my_recorder_op.cpp
In file included from /workspace/holoscan-sdk/apps/my_recorder_app/my_recorder_op.cpp:2:
/workspace/holoscan-sdk/apps/my_recorder_app/my_recorder_op.hpp:4:10: fatal error: holoscan/core/gxf/gxf_operator.hpp: No such file or directory
4 | #include “holoscan/core/gxf/gxf_operator.hpp”
| ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
compilation terminated.

I’m not a expert with CMake/make but It appears to be an issue with CMake/Make.

Note: I am following the steps outlined in the link provided above.

Please advise.

Hello! It appears you’re following the SDK documentation from v0.3, we have now v0.4 SDK released and the equivalent of the steps linked are here: Creating Operators - NVIDIA Docs (Please note v0.5 is coming out soon) Could you confirm which SDK version you’re using?

Could you please also let us know in which environment you’re building in, including installation method and hardware? SDK Installation - NVIDIA Docs