issue creating multiple instance of NVENC Encoder

Hi. I’ve made the existing NVENC sample into an unmanaged library and used it on my managed(C#) application. I’ve managed to create 7 instances of NVENC encoder with the default setting from CUDA SDK NVENC sample project, and hav no problem running EncodeFrame. However, on the 8th instance, the application crashed. I’m using NVIDIA TESLA k20c. I’ve tried to scale the width & height, buffersize, but it doesnt help. Has anyone come across this issue?

Yes i’ve come across the same issue, although my application requested a license code,
So i suspect its a licensing issue, but i could be wrong

I have a managed application that I want to have H.264 encoding for the output video stream. Would you be interested in sharing the details of how you changed the NVENC sample into an unmanaged library? That would save me a HUGE amount of time! Also are you using CUDA 6.6 or CUDA 7?


Also interested to find out how to access the library from c#