Issue: Cuda on Mac disables Transparency of OS X Yosemite

Hey guys,

A time ago I was looking for a way to upgrade performance while gaming on my Mac. I couldn’t find driver updates, but could find a Cuda Installation for Mac. This increased gaming performance with about 15%~20%! However, I quickly noticed on a reboot that CUDA disabled my transparency. Even after re-enabling transparency, after a reboot CUDA disables it again.

I love transparency, so I do not want to re-enable it every time. Is there any fix for this?

I’m currently running version 6.5.45 (latest, as is says) of Cuda with GPU driver 10.2.1 319.41.15f01 on a 2012 non-retina Macbook Pro 15" with a nVidia 650m GPU.

I see no direct connection between CUDA and the GUI transparency issue. CUDA is only active if you run an application that uses CUDA. I suspect that the CUDA package you installed included a graphics driver, and that this new graphics driver is behind the transparency issue you observe.

The fact that you cannot find any standalone graphics driver update for your platform suggests to me that the graphics driver that came with the CUDA for Mac package you retrieved is not intended for / not compatible with / not supported on your particular Mac platform. Check the supported platforms listed for the CUDA version you downloaded. I think these days that information is in the “Getting Started” document.