Issue deploying to Jetson Xavier

I’ve re-created the ping_pong_net code by following the “Developing Codelets in C++” tutorial. I tested and confirmed that it works locally with the networking changes. When I try to deploy to the Xavier module using the command:

isaac$ ./engine/build/ --remote_user {USERNAME} -p //packages/ping_pong_combined:ping -d jetpack42 -h {IP_ADDRESS}

I get the output:

Building Minidump tools
Building //packages/ping_pong_combined:ping for target platform 'jetpack42'
INFO: Build options have changed, discarding analysis cache.
INFO: Analysed target //packages/ping_pong_combined:ping (66 packages loaded, 2848 targets configured).
INFO: Found 1 target...
Target //packages/ping_pong_combined:ping up-to-date:
INFO: Elapsed time: 156.080s, Critical Path: 48.87s, Remote (0.00% of the time): [queue: 0.00%, setup: 0.00%, process: 0.00%]
INFO: 1077 processes: 1041 linux-sandbox, 36 local.
INFO: Build completed successfully, 1811 total actions
Error: Package '//packages/ping_pong_combined:ping' did not produce a .tar or .tar.gz file

Any ideas on why this might be happening? I’m new to this SDK, so is there potentially a step I missed?

Hi Nicholas,

Can you try the following command?

isaac$ ./engine/build/ --remote_user {USERNAME} -p //packages/ping_pong_combined:ping-pkg -d jetpack42 -h {IP_ADDRESS}

That worked! Thank you, I didn’t realize the “-pkg” extension was necessary.

Yes “-pkg” is needed when deploying. After deploying, you can rename the deployed folder to your liking.

You can refer to the BUILD file to get the exact package name. For example:

    name = "ping",