Issue in configuring smart surveillance video analytics module on jetson xavier nx

We are getting issue on Xavier NX while running smart surveillance product. We are able to successfully run the same module on GTX 1650 with 10 camera’s live stream (with 15 fps per camera). When we are deploying this solution on Xavier NX then it is working for only single video stream. In addition on single video stream it is not working smotthly as lots of frames are getting dropped.
We are also using Nsight, but seems some basic parameter tuning is needed for porting on Jetson architecture. We setup Nsight on another host machine and connected to Xavier NX via ssh to check performance and profiling of NX but did not get any success on it. We need urgent help on this issue as we are due for xavier nx deployment for a customer site.Please refer the attached screenshot for more details of Nsight analysis


Not sure which interface you are using for the camera.
Usually, we recommend to use Deepstream since it has optimized based on the Jetson device.

Would you mind to share a complete source so we can reproduce this in our side?

Thanks AasraLLL for your response.

We are using deepstream 5 and Jetpack 4.4 with Jetson Xavier NX.

After further fine tuning, we were able to get our surveillance product working on 9 streams with RTSP link of 3 camera replicated 3 times each. This gets executed with some jerks and broken frame rate with 100% GPU utilisation continuously and less than 70% CPU.

When I run the same code with 20 video streams, it runs with reasonable framerate without jerks. And GPU and CPU utilisation are also 50% approx.

Can you please help me understand the difference in this performance and how to go about optimising it.

Thanks for your support.

Hi pooja7923x,

Please open a new topic for your issue. Thanks