Issue in Flashing TX2


I have a TX2 which I can’t flash. I am getting this output on the debug serial port:

[0027.028] E> Waypoint-0.5 ACK pending: 0x8
[0027.032] C> MTS error (2) : dram alias check failure
[0027.037] C> cpu waypoint 0.5 failed
[0027.040] C> ERROR: Highest Layer Module = 0x32, Lowest Layer Module = 0x32, Aux Info = 0x1, Reason = 0x6

What can I do?

I have another TX2, that I don’t have any problems flashing.

If your problematic TX2 a D02 one?

Yes, it is a D02.

Which jetpack release are you using?

Jetpack 4.3

Please read the PCN announcement.

I was able to install Jetson 4.5.1 on the TX2.

Thanks for your help.

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