Issue of 4G module on Jetson Nano-Jetpack 4.5.1(L4T 32.5.1)

System is Ubuntu 1804. The Huawei 4G module is ME909S-821a V2.
Huawei 4G module connects to Nano by USB port.
The Jetson Nano system runing for long time, it was found that the driver of the Huawei 4G module had been uninstalled.
Has anyone encountered similar problems? Thank you.

Can you try to refalsh your devcie with JetPack to see if can recover this issue?

Hello Kayccc,
If the system restarts, the functionality of the 4G module will be restored, meaning that the 4G driver has been reloaded.
Mike Harris

We didn’t meet this problem, no idea how it’s happened.

Hi Kayccc,
thanks anyway.

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